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In the Thailand temple Wat-Po you can learn the original Wat Po Massage. If you want to learn it, please inform here.
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One of the most beautiful sea resorts in Thailand is Cha-Am. Make Holiday in Cha-Am and find out many information about this city.
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Magic Tattoos from Thai Temple monks in Wat Bang Phra. This temple is more then thousand years old.
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Ko Kut Thailand

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Ko Kut is an island in Thailand, located in the Gulf of Thailand close to the border to Cambodia. The neighbour island, which is only a few kilometers away is the island of Ko Chang.

The tourism is still very low on Ko Kut, because the most tourists go to Ko Chang, cause there are many other tourists, many big hotels and also restaurants with European food, also Kebab.

On Ko Kut, the nature is still intact. You find a nice forrest, which ends in the ocean with white beaches. Ko Kut is still a paradise, also for divers. With only a little more then 2.000 inhabitants on the island, everything is still natural.

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